Gurley Trade Question

Was offered Gurley and Blount for Diggs, Ertz, and Martin. Would yo make the trade?

Interesting. Very interesting. You know I may be in the minority here, but this seems like a pretty good trade for you. I’m not gonna bring up gurley’s tough schedule because I think he will continue to post good numbers, but here’s what I think:

Gurley: A+

Martin: B (ranging from C to A-)
Diggs: B+
Ertz: A-

Not a bad trade in terms of aggregate talent. All three of these guys (martin remains to be tested but has high hopes) are starters, and great ones at that.

Not to butt in on another discussion lol but would you mind helping me out with a trade of my own?

I would receive Zach Ertz and be giving up Carson Wentz and Jimmy Graham. What do you think?

My other QBs are Russell Wilson and Luck

Who would you slot at TE? Ertz is a PPR monster and it’s hard to gauge this trade without you team, scoring, etc.

Half point PPR. I have Tyreek hill, nelson, and beckham as my starting recievers. D. Parker and Diggs have been fighting over my flex spot. For TE i would have to hit waivers so id be looking at someone like zach miller, hooper, ASJ so it would certainly be a downgrade at TE. Reason i have been considering the trade though is because I have Lynch and Abdullah as my starting RB’s.

I’d probably take this then. But you have enough ammo at WR to get plenty of backs. Find the best offer.