Gurley Trade Standard 12 team

I am looking for some input from the forums. Here is my team. Mariotta. A Brown. Gurley. Evans. Kupp. V Davis. D williams. Sanders. Rivers. Hunt. Allen. Diggs. I can get mckinnon and goff for gurley. I could also get brady and m. Thomas for antonio brown. I already clinched playoffs. Do you thunk any of these trades are worth it?

I’m not sure if either one is in favor of you, but I would say, the McKinnon and Goff for Gurley would probably be the better of the two trades, but that’s just me

Thats kind of what i was thinking. I would like to get a rb1 with a better schedule but these dont help with that.

I would try to find more value from Gurley if you’re only getting mckinnon and goff. Gurley is number 1 in fantasy at this moment so you could probably get more. The Brady trade would be better because you’re sitll getting a top 10 reciever and a top 5 quaterback no matter the matchup.

I also am hesitant cause i think gurley could power through the bad playoff matchups and mariotta has a decent schedule. With him healthy i think he can do well. Sorry for all the typos my phone hates this site.

I wouldnt trade Gurley for MckInnon and Goff

get more upside

I thought about trading gurley myself but he’s had one bad matchup against Seattle and with Sherman gone that changes things. I don’t think they will be able to crowd the box this time around and stop him

I might be able to get Bell for Gurley. Thoughts?

I would keep gurley Arizona defense is banged up hawks d is banged up plus the titans are a good team but will they be able to spot gurley I don’t see him slowing down.

If you can get Bell for Gurley do it!