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Gurley Trade Worth It?


Was given this trade offer today, my roster is below. Offer is I get Gurley, T. Coleman, and Gronk for Barkley, White, and Julio. Always interested in getting Gurley, but some advice on whether it is too much? Also, my team is 8-2 and playoff bound.

QB: Phillip Rivers
RB: Barkley, White, Aaron Jones, McGuire, Ware
WR: Adams, Julio, K. Allen, Davis
TE: Olsen


I lean slightly towards the “you’re giving too much for Gurley” which is weird to say. It’s fairly even but you are taking on BYE weeks, yuck. I’ve heard of a 2 for 1 trade, but this feels like a 3 for 1.


The issue for me in this trade is the Gronk part.

Barkley to Gurley is an upgrade of course. However, White, to coleman is a downgrade IMO.

The issue is you are giving up Julio who has scored the last two weeks and is a top WR, for an injury prone TE that you don’t even need. Basically he is hoping the name “Gronk” gets you thinking you’re crushing this deal.

I’d rather have Barkley + White + Julio than Gurley + Coleman.