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Gurley v Fournette


I’m in a 10 man PPR 3 Keeper league. The three keepers count as our first three picks. I kept Cooks, Watkins, and K. Allen (didn’t have much to choose from). I have the 4th pick in the upcoming draft and will likely choose from Gurley or Fournette. Because my keepers are all high risk, should i go Fournette due to Gurley being pretty high risk as well and having to bounce back and not bust again?


Or choose Fournette because he will have a better O line. Or because the schedule is a bit easier.

Either way, I take Fournette over Gurley.


I agree the better line the better the workload. Gurley burned me to hard so even with his upside I’d go Fournette.


I am going Gurley and Ill give you my top 3 reasons.

  1. New head coach and no more fisher ruining the team.
  2. Gurley is getting used in passing situations in practice now.
  3. Fournette still has ivory and yeldon there to steal some carries and downs.
    I think Fournette is a great option if you need a flex or a rb2 but I think Gurley gives you the better rb1 potential.


Gonna have to agree with Gurley.

Here’s the thing: we’ve seen what Gurley can do in the NFL. We’ve seen him absolutely destroy defenses and rack up huge amounts of fantasy points. We haven’t seen that from Fournette, and we certainly haven’t seen that from a Jags RB since MJD.

The Jags are the Jags until proven otherwise. Every year, these guys are supposed to win the AFC South, and every year they prove us wrong. The big bump for Gurley this year is the drafting of Cooper Kupp, the acquisition of Robert Woods, but most importantly, the acquisition of McVay.

Gurley is the safer pick, and their ceilings are about the same, so I’d take Gurley.