Gurley worth in trades?

I have kamara and gurley. Here’s my roster, should I look to ship out gurley for fantasy playoffs or to get another solid WR

How did you get Gurley and Kamara? Dang lol. I wouldn’t trade Gurley though. The Rams now have playoff positioning to play for throughout the season because of their loss to the Saints. They need to be competitive because the Saints are now nipping at their heels for the top seed.

Oh, you Gurley owner’s and your pretty problems. Trade him away and you’ll find out real quick how good you’ve had it.

Hold Gurley.

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I don’t see how you would fill the void of trading away Gurley

I would look for a package for like gurley & arob for hunt and diggs?

Traded kamara for Thomas after Ingram came back lol

Even if it was just Gurley for Hunt and Diggs. In your specify situation the starting team doesn’t look stronger than it was before

Lol. This.

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