Gus and Njoku for Ertz?

So I currently have Gurley, Michel, A Jones, Kerryon, Gus and Josh Adams on my roster. I currently have Njoku and I think I want to upgrade to Ertz. Ertz owner has Kamara, Richard, Crowell and Murray. He has also lost 2 in row.

Do you think Gus and Njoku for Ertz is enough and do you think its a good upgrade for my team?

Is Ertz a big enough upgrade over Njoku? Kelce is on a team that will be out of playoffs so I know I will have the best TE.

This would be a good move but Idk if it’d be enough. Adams may get it done, if not forsure offer Kerryon on the hopes that he’s unaware of potential out for ROS news for Kerryon.

This is an easy smash accept.

If I was an ertz owner, there would be a 0% chance of me accepting this trade though.

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I’d honestly be fine getting rid of Kerryon even if he’s healthy given the RB depth you have. Big upgrade at TE and worth it for a run at the ship.

Well you are on the same wavelength as him then, he rejected. Would you take Aaron Jones and Njoku for Ertz? Should I even give up Aaron Jones? (My RB’s in the first post)

Jones is a heavy price to pay. I’d honestly rather get rid of Sony I think. But I’d start the counter with Kerryon first. Unfortunate that he’s injured and that’s a big deterrent, but he’s in big need of an RB.

If he rejected without a counter, my guess is he’s not interested in playing ball… get the other owner to throw out an RB name…

Nah. I wouldn’t give up jones for ertz.

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Ya me niether. Njoku + Jones > Ertz imo

Yeah I am not going to offer out Jones. I really didnt want to give him any of my top 3 RBs anyway.

I really did think he would accept Gus. His schedule is fantastic and looks to be running away with the lead role. I would be playing him if I actually did move any of my top 3 guys.

I think the problem with Gus is even though its bad defensive matchups, aside from this week against falcons in an away game (where ryan is much better than at home), the matchups themselves aren’t really that great for him.

Goes on the road vs KC (incredibly hard place to play) and they will be huge underdogs > bad for running game script. Then at home vs TB which is a good matchup.

But then he goes vs chargers who have a pretty stellar run D and have not surrendered many TDs at all.

Gus has a good shot to be an RB2 ROS, but a low-end RB2 imo and that won’t get the job done for Ertz, especially with the amount of great RBs in the league right now. His sample size isn’t big enough either to giveaway a TE of that caliber.

what if I did the original Gus and Njoku for Ebron?

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That’s the better deal for you.

I like that move.

That’s better. Ebron without Doyle imo is top 4 TE and honestly not too far behind Ertz.