Gus Edwards start?

I have Gus Edwards on my bench and I feel like I should start him but truly don’t know who to take out. This is what it looks like:

CeeDee Lamb
Brandon Aiyuk
Jonathan Taylor
Najee Harris
Tyler Boyd

And on my bench:
Gus Edwards
Deebo Samuel
Chase Edmonds

Any thoughts? My gut says switch Aiyuk (not because of him as a player but the matchup)
Help! Please and thank you.

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Aiyuk would be my swap. I’m not entirely convinced he’s 100% healthy and I’m not convinced the 49ers will need him to be heavily involved to get a routine win.

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I’d play gus over boyd. vikings defense got a boost this offseason and personally, i’m nervous about burrow’s first game back and how the WR usage looks in CIN. Ravens love to run the ball and gus should get a lot of running work especially in the 2nd half when they’re up by 2 scores. very likely gus sees the end zone for me this week


Taylor is only good against teams with crappy defenses that have given up (like his games against JAX, LV and HOU (twice) at the end of last season). Through November last year, Taylor only had like 520 yards and 4 TDs–and that was without Marlon Mack in the backfield as well.

Now it’s Gus that faces the 24th-ranked run defense of the Raiders–on Monday night–while Taylor plays the 5th-ranked Seattle run defense.

Start Gus over Taylor.

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Gus over Boyd.

Taylor, CeeDee and Najee should not leave your starting lineup and Aiyuk has a cake matchup.

Boyd is a safe guy who will be great on bye weeks, but is by no means a must-start.

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Taylor may be leaving it for Gus permanently in a couple of weeks anyway, once he realizes Taylor is no better than a RB2.

In Weeks 1-11 last year, with a healthy Burrow at QB, Boyd was the WR14 in PPR points per game.

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Boyd, Vikes D will be better

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Meh, the matchup isn’t that bad for Taylor. I’m certainly not sitting guys based on what I saw last year from Seattle’s defense, especially when you can pick and choose which stats to look at.

Fifth in terms of rushing yards against - sure. Also worth mentioning that they were bottom-10 in rushing touchdowns against and Taylor scored 8 over his final 5 games (not all against putrid defenses - Pitt and Buffalo were fine).

He had plenty of inconsistencies in the first half of his rookie season, but once the workload came from Week 10 on, he was solid.

I’d trust Taylor’s workload and TD upside over Boyd’s consistency which is partially dependent on how effective Burrow is coming off an injury and the target share for the #5 overall pick.

Barring injury, Taylor is easily an RB1 this year.

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Those 2 decent defenses are the only 2 games in that spectacular 7 game stretch from Week 10 on in which Taylor was held to under 80 yards rushing. He needs a matador defense to have a big game–and not having to share with a two-time 1000 yard rusher (Mack) helped too.

The Colts’ schedule is a murderer’s row of top 20 run defenses this year. There is literally no possible way that Taylor returns better than RB2 production this season.

Sorry that I wasn’t here sooner to stop you, if you drafted him in the first round earlier.

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First - qualifying top-20 defenses as a murderer’s row is just a BIT hyperbolic. Let’s look at top-10. That should be relatively consistent if previous year performance matters as much as you imply.

So how many top-10 rush defenses from 2019 repeated the feat in 2020? 4

Hmm…ok, not a ton. But maybe the argument is that he can only get it done against bad defenses, right? Like bottom-10?

How many top-10 defenses from 2019 finished in the bottom-10 in 2020? 3

Even if you think Taylor completely blows, predicting strength of schedule from a defensive standpoint going into a season is kind of a waste of time for anyone who looks at it for more than five minutes.

Also, your argument against Taylor is essentially the same one that used to be made against Derrick Henry in 2018 when he was garbage for 3/4 of the season…except Henry caught half as many balls. Then he became a God.

Will never imply that Jonathan Taylor is Derrick Henry, but the whole “he can only smash on occasion against so-so defenses” is a tune that I’ve heard before.

Can’t wait for the start of “Oh Wow, Axe Elf Was Right All Along” season!

lmao imagine being this confident before a game has even been played :joy:


Hubris in the face of salient points signifies the end of the discussion :wink:


Imagine being Axe Elf…

Lots of people do.

Axe Elf never argues; only educates.


Don’t start Gus

Gus is NOT the answer lol

Gus is out, they think ACL

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Just saw that.

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