Gus Edwards?

My draft is in a few hours… Originally was looking at 5th round, but now with another injury to them, has he climbed even higher?

He’s a target for sure. I think fourth is earliest I could take him unless it is standard scoring but ideally there’s some quality options at that stage and you can wait a round.

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He went in the 3.12 in my draft yesterday. This was prior to the Justice Hill injury. If you want him, lock him up early.

I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

I think Gus Bus will be a mid RB2 at best, if he keeps his insane 5.7 ypc all year with double digit TDs. I can see him finishing as a lower RB2/high RB3 if his efficiency takes a dip. Drafting him as your RB2 depending on your RB1 would be ok. However, I would be more comfortable with Gus as my RB3.

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yeah at that stage I’m kinda feeling whoever takes him is welcome to him.

The hardest part of having a late round draft spot is late round 3 - all the rbs and wrs are rd4 value at best. I had the 9th spot and reached for Josh Allen at 3.9 because I could get the same value rb or wr with my rd4 pick.


Maybe he does maintain his efficiency. But I agree ideally he’s a RB I can be surprised with how well he produces rather than one I’m pretty forced into plugging in - I personally don’t like the extrapolation game for projecting as I generally side that efficiency will nearly always fall with more usage, so yes he’s someone I want as RB3 or to have a similarly valued guy alongside him at RB3

Edwards is marching toward RB1 territory now, especially if Jackson truly tries to limit his exposure by running less.

I’m guessing that the end of the fourth round will be the latest you can get him now, but I wouldn’t take him ahead of Chris Carson at the end of the 3rd/early 4th.