Guy offered DJ and Ertz for James White and Drake

14 team league. Standard scoring. Currently in first at 6-2 right now. Been trying to get Mixon by offering Drake and AJones but the owner has been resisting even though they’re 2-6 and starting Booker and TyMont this week. As another option for me, one guy offered me DJ and Ertz for James White and Drake.

My team below for reference:
QBs: Cousins, Matt Ryan
RBs: Gordon, Conner, James White, AJones, Drake
WRs: Thielen, AJ Green, Watkins, DJ Moore
TEs: Uzomah/Herndon

It obviously upgrades me with TE, and I still have the RB depth but I am hesitant with that Cards offense. Do you think I should consider it? I’d end up having Gordon, Conner, DJ and AJones as my RBs with Ertz as TE. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I think I’d still do it, but it’s close. My only hesitation is that when bell comes back your RBs will be pretty weak behind Gordon

I’d do it in a heartbeat personally

Is Bell coming back going to be an issue? Seems more and more likely that Conner will be the guy, but I totally hear you. Plus AJones as my RB3 in a 14 team league isn’t bad. @dylan you feel I should take it eh?

I’d do it… your rbs will be fine. Gordon, DJ, conner for at least 2 or 3 more weeks, and aaron jones is expected to get more snaps and carries this week, so you will have a good bench…
I like ertz, even with golden tate there, he is still going to be better than uzomah

big upgrades are always best imo and Ertz is a big upgrade for you.

I also think DJ is going to finish the year strong.