Guys! Evan Engram on Waivers

.5PPR. Do I drop Trey Burton, Royce Freeman, Nelson Agholor or Kerryon Johnson? Or should I just leave him on waivers.

Drop Burton

Def drop Burton for Engram. I wouldn’t want to lose those other guys (side note: Agholor shouldn’t ever be considered for dropping, btw. He is a WR1).

Agree. Drop Burton.

WR1? I like Agholor in a lot of leagues but don’t consider him a WR1

RB depth is very important so I would wait, hold, and stash Freeman and Johnson for now…
Agholor has been a WR1 so far this season so he is definite keep…

So the decision is, who do you believe in more for the rest of season, Burton or Engram?
So far through 2 games it seems like Trubisky is having a hard time getting the ball to anyone besides Allen Robinson, so I would lean towards dropping Burton for Engram.

I think he’s a WR1 with Alshon injured. He’s not an elite WR1 or anything, but he is in that tier below with Alshon out IMO.

Agreed, although I am much higher conviction on dropping Burton for Engram and not looking back. Engram is really good. And he actually benefits from the Giants continuing to suck since ODB will stop caring and the team will be protecting both he and Barkley - but Engram obviously is in a good situation if the Giants are playing to win all season, too, since he’ll get looks anytime they’re in the redzone.

I didn’t realize he was that highly ranked so far. Still, we’re 2 weeks in and Alshon will be back soon. The chances he’ll finish the season a WR1 is close to zero…IMO. If you can persuade someone he’s a ROS WR1, I’d trade him fast.

Totally agree with that strategy. Could do Agholor + Freeman/Johnson for a Thielen type.