Guys I need responses ASAP

I am in dire need of an running back. My current RBs are Howard, Lynch, Thompson, and Mack

I was recently offered Woods, McCaffery, and Snead

for Antonio Brown, Edlemen, and Thompson

My other receivers are Keenan, Landry, Shepard, Kerase.

would you make this deal ???

Only allowed 4 Rbs per roster and I am currently 4-2

It depends, whata your wide receiver situation?

It’s worth it to get a top 10 th if you have a strong wr core

Keenan, Landry, Shepard, and Kerase

What other wrs does he have? If you could turn that snead into a golladay, keke coutee, Tyler Lockett, Crabtree,

I tried Lockett he said no go

The problem is then your starting rbs are gonna be Mccafrey and Mack. Which isn’t the prettiest. If it was like Melvin Gordon and mack, lol would be better

Should have grabbed Ito Smith off waivers

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I’d do it. Robert woods and Snead are great WRs and CMC is definately an upgrade at RB. I think Keenan will improve ROS because of that high-powered offense and Landry has nice match ups for the next month. You should actually try to get another RB somehow.