Guys please help me I’m begging you! Big trade

I get: Antonio Brown, Ertz
I give: McCoy, baldwin, Engram

My team would them be
Big Ben

Do i do it? PPR

I lean no…Baldwin is always great second half of year…only way I would consider is if you’ve lost faith in shady

I wouldn’t do it. Engram is gonna be very solid as a tight end, and baldwin will surprise you this year. Not to mention that if you lose mccoy, howard is not a same tier replacement. I would try trading howard and someone else. Though Howard does provide very reliable depth if something was ever to happen to your rbs.

I’m 5-5 though and need a win this week. Steelers playoff schedule is amazing… he takes Howard instead of McCoy should i do it?

If he takes howard…yes


Okay cool, thank you

I agree, I don’t think I’d give up McCoy but I would Howard. I have Engram but I love Ertz. I think the floor with Ertz is higher but Engram my have a couple big weeks. I’d still be happy taking Ertz.


Idk if he’s going to budge. If I do pull the trigger and give mccoy, it’ll only be because I need a win this week. I’m 6th seed right now and top 7 make playoffs.

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dont do it!!!

k sry didnt read it all yes if you can deal howard and keep mccoy but if you feel this will five the win this week then you gotta no point hanging on to guys if it doesnt matter gotta win to keep playing just did the same the last two weeks sold the farm to get two wins i needed now im one win out with three weeks to go