Had both Johnson and Woodhead, now what?

10 team Full PPR, with flex. Obviously week 1 didn’t go as planned. Current Roster looks like RB: McCaffery, Jaquizz/ D. Martin, Sproles and DJ. WR: Baldwin, M. Thomas, D. Thomas, M. Bryant, D. Parker.

I picked up sproles for woodhead and wanted to avoid dropping dj if possible but realize I might have to. Should I trade a WR to get a RB or drop DJ and pick up a guy like T. West, Riddick, Carsen, D. Johnson, Buck Allen, G. Bernard who are all on the wire. Thanks in advance for the advice

I’d consider a 2 for one scenario, because I don’t really want to drop anyone on that roster I’d I can avoid it. Maybe package Parker and DJ for something of value (maybe low-level RB2?). I’d then definitely pick up either Carson or Allen.

Edit: alternatively, Woodhead might legitimately be cutable. I heard today he may be out longer than initially expected. Vet that before you do anything.

Yea I cut woodhead to pick up sproles. Love him but a 34yr RB with injury problems is gonna be a tough road back. I’m debating holding out now until Martin comes off suspension and dropping jaquizz for somebody at that point depending on who’s there and hopin DJ can be a wild card if I can make the playoffs.