Had the bye. Now I need help with my lineup

Ok I had my bye week and I should win, but i am having trouble on who to flex. This is my team:

Qb: matty ryan, mitch trub
Rb: gurley, cmc, DJ
Wr: Diggs, juju, amari
Te: gronk, vance
Def: jags

I’m thinking this for my lineup:

Qb- Matt Ryan
Rb1: todd Gurley
Rb2: cmc
Wr1: juju
Wr2: Diggs
Te: gronk
Flex: DJ (cake match vs. Falcons)

I hate to bench amari but not sure what to do.

If I had to make this decision for my team, I’d prob do the same thing.

ESPN’s report:

Dak Prescott is clearly looking to get the ball into Cooper’s hands when dropping back for a pass, so the volume should still be there even if Sunday’s matchup against the Colts doesn’t turn into a shootout.

BUT…again…I’d prob play DJ vs Atl. LOL…but please don’t cuss me if it doesn’t work that way!!! :disappointed:

The best of luck to you buddy!!!:+1:

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