Hail to all Losers

Got smoked by Kittle. I have Kelce so no answer for that nonsense. It is what it is meh.
TY Hilton also blew up in my face. I did beat his Watson with Winston but not enough to matter.

I was just happy to make the playoffs. I lost 3 starters during the trades; Cooper, Hyde and Tate. They were all doing ok but I had to drop them and go into panic mode. Nobody had to deal with that crap so I think I recovered well. Ready for next year. Keepers are Kamara, Chubb and likely Kelce or Boyd.

Fournette also killed me. Never again. Impossible to get a full season of value from him . I got more value out of Yeldon. Should have just drafted Yeldon but then I would have got Hunt so again total bust. No win situation.

Just saw your comment on another post saying that you were quitting after this year. But see here on this post that you apparently changed your mind.

LOL…I know that feeling all too well. Especially after having an incredibly SUCKY year, and swear that I’m D-0-N-E, DONE, DONE, DONE!!!

BUT…LOL…usually come June, I’m all but chomping at the bit waiting for AUG and the DRAFT!!!

I can completely understand. LOL…it drives ya nuts and you swear you’re NEVER, EVER, EVER doing it again. BUT…come next year, I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO START!!! :joy:

LOL! Yeah, I did. Right after getting spanked!! Hahhaaa! I thought about it after though and this season, it took 20X the amount of work getting my disaster team in the playoffs. Last year did next to nothing. I don’t have the time for that again. This season, the league was a photo finish. One game I won by .03 of a pt. Outrageous.

I can completely feel your pain!!! :slightly_smiling_face: