Hairy Situation at WR .5 PPR

So I have to pick 3 of these 5. Usually this would be easy, but matchups and injuries have made it difficult and one plays tonight so need to choose soon.

D. Adams (vs. KC)- Gametime decision and game isn’t until Sunday night.
OBJ (vs. NE)- Usually an obvious start but against NE makes him not nearly as obvious.
McLaurin (vs Minn)- Has been a stud outside of last week and the MIN secondary isn’t great this year.
Sutton (vs. IND)- Has been solid all year and now is the true #1 in Den.
Cooks (vs. Cin)- Very disappointing, but high upside against the Bengals.

Which 3 do you guys play in a .5 PPR?

Sutton for sure. I wouldn’t play Adams, if he’s game time decision I feel he wouldn’t play and risk hurting his toe Id he’s not fully healthy. The guys think mclaurin is a good play this week. So imo coin flip on obj and cooks on who will get a TD. Obj should have more chances because they will likely be playing from behind. Cooks might not have many chances after halftime.

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Ya I’m pretty sold on Sutton it’s the other 2 spots that I am really struggling with. OBJ should be a slam dunk but Bill usually shuts down the #1 option very well which makes me really nervous with OBJ. But then Cooks has been awful this year. I thought I was stacked at WR, but they have all underperformed besides the 2 guys I got on waivers (Sutton and McLaurin).

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I’m starting Sutton in my lineup. Kind of stuck between. Corey Davis and stills that I got off waivers this week. But also have mclaurin and cooks. Was leaning Davis but think mclaurin could be a good play now. I have dalvin, Chubb and ekeler. Not sure if I should play Chubb because if pats d but really don’t want to sit a top 10 RB

Any other input?

I’ve decided Sutton is in.

Deciding between OBJ, Adams, Cooks, and McLaurin for my other 2 spots.

Adams then mclaurin for me.

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