Half point Dynasty League

Due to numerous requests I am creating a 4th and final Dynasty league. Please keep in mind if you wish to join payments will be expected to be paid promptly, as well as all invites be accepted once received.

This is a half point 25 man roster using My Fantasy League and League Safe. The league dues are $50 for 2017 and $25 every year there after. The My Fantasy League fees are already included in the total. Listed below is a brief listing of the league settings, and more detailed information can be found in the bylaws which will be sent upon request to join the league.

This is a first come first serve invitation system. Merely telling me you are interested in joining does not guarantee a slot in the league.

1 - Quarterback
2 - Wide Recievers
2 - Runningbacks
1 - Tight End
2 - WR/RB/TE Flex
1 - Defense/Special Teams
16 - Bench
3 - Injured Reserve

25 total roster

Passing Touchdowns = 6 points
Interceptions = - 2 points
Receptions = 0.5 points

Please keep in mind this is not an experts league and is specifically designed for new to second year dynasty players. If you are a well seasoned dynasty player, please join a league that is more suitable to your experience level.

Send all questions or invite requests to Nolly77@gmail.com

At the time of writing this, we have 7 members, with two pending their agreement to join the league.


Shoot me an invite I’ll play busslerwilliam@gmail.com

I just sent you an email!

Sounds perfect to me!! would like to join...hulksmash21yb@gmail.com

I’m very interested. Please send me an invite and a copy of the bylaws at trugrav@gmail.com

I would be interested ablackburn858@gmail.com