Half point keeper

Hey y’all I can pick 3 keepers for my half point 2 qb league. I am already keeping Davonte Adams and Zeke need help with my third. My choices are Luck, TY, Aaron Jones, Ingram, Lev Bell or Damian Williams.

2 QB league, I would definitely keep Luck.

Luck. Easily.

Are there any round penalties?

No round penalties

Then Luck for sure

As much as I love Bell or Williams, in a 2 QB you have to keep Luck. He could easily finish QB1

Do you know who everyone else is keeping?

If not many people are keeping QBs then I would be tempted to keep Bell or Williams this year. If there aren’t many QBs on the board to choose from still, then I would definitely keep Luck. But if you could land a Wilson/Ryan/Brees and pick up a guy with big upside like Allen later in the draft then I would keep Bell/Williams.

Zeke, Adams, Bell is hard to pass up, that’s 3 potential 1st rounders.