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Half Point PPR 2017 Strategy?


Hi everyone! I’m brand new to this website and this forum. I listen to the podcast and heard about this community and thought I’d give reaching out a try. I’m in a very competitive 10 team league we all fly out for drafts and everything, it was a standard league. BUT as of this year the league voted and passed Half point PPR. I’ve scoured the internet for mock drafts of our setup and have had no luck. Looking for strategy tips.

QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, WR/RB/TE, DST, K, 6 BN

I’m the 6th pick.
Generally in my online mocks, ODB, Julio, or Evans is there at 1. But I kind of get lost as to how to approach the rest. How important are RBs once the big 3 go? Is this a safe format to approach with a 0RB mentality in the first few rounds? Any help would be great!

Thanks everyone!


The best strategy is to not stick with a strategy. Maybe an RB is the best 2nd pick, maybe it is a WR.

Check out the UDK. You need to get into tier based drafting. Most of all, you need to be flexible and take advantage of the other league mate’s missteps.


Fantasypros.com can set up mocks to exactly your roster format.

Like @Harpersdad you have to be flexible, use tier based drafting, make your picks based on your teams needs and the value that is available to you.

Example) in the third round you already have an RB and WR, and of the group of players available at WR may be the best player but there are lots of same tier WR’s left. If there is an RB that’s the last one of the best tier left, you should take the RB knowing at your next pick there will still be quality WR’s available, but the quality of RB’s would drop off.


Thank you both so much! This is great advice! I actually think I might pickup the UDK. I’ve used Fantasy pros in the past and I’m not sure it’s helped me as much as I’d like. I need to dive more into the tier system. Sounds like it’s exactly what I need to take my drafts to the next level.