Half PPR- Choose 2 of 3

I need to play 2 of Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis, Carlos Hyde. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t play 2 RBs from the same team, but Bell has restricted my options this week. I think Henry is the better of him and Lewis, so I guess I’m deciding between Lewis and Hyde. Thoughts?

I’d probably go Lewis and Hyde.

Interesting. Not Henry since he’s the nominal starter and the game script looks to be positive?

I’m just not a very big Henry believer. He is either really good or really bad.

hyde might be better, due to gameflow. Bad weather conditions mean heavy running game for both teams

I really do like Hyde. It’s a tough decision. I think all three are very similar tbh. It’s hard to leave one out.

Hope you went with Lewis over Henry. :+1:

I didn’t, but I had Rivers, Evans, Conner, and Gronk on that team. They bailed out my poor choice. Also Hyde was good.