Half PPR WR advice

OBJ vs Juju and why?

I prefer OBJ becuase I think he is more talented and on that offense you can’t double him I don’t think. Juju is a stud, I just think that OBJ has the ability to be the number 1 WR

You’re splitting hairs honestly. Both should be great. Just go with whoever you think will have the better offense. If this is a keeper or dynasty I’d go OBJ just because I think he & Baker will only get better after this season. But I could see the argument for JuJu since he’s 4 years younger.

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Any concern with all the mouths to feed in Cleveland and Baker spreading the ball around?

He’ll probably want to spread the ball around either way. But Odell is their clear best option.

Jarvis was far & away their target leader last season. I don’t expect that to happen again. Odell is about 10 targets a game and I think that will continue in Cleveland.

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Earlier in the offseason I was leaning Juju b/c there’s less competition for targets and OBJ has a history of getting hurt. But now I’m leaning more OBJ just because he’s the number one target in that offense that should take another big step forward this year. I think the Steelers offense takes a decent step backwards without Brown.

This question came up because those are the players i will have available in the draft at my draft position… should i take the risk on Todd Gurley or stick with OBJ?