Hallpp! QB/WR/DST

First time making it to the finals. WOOT.

QB-I have Trubisky and Allen for and am soooo tempted to start Allen. I pulled the trigger and started him last week which worked out well for me, just not sure if hes the better pick over Trubisky for week 16.

WR- Am I insane for wanting to give up on Tyler Lockett? I am feeling ballsy and kind of want to start Dante Pettis over him…someone talk me out of this

DST-Miami?Chargers? or Colts? No idea on this one.

Help a sister win her first championship PLEASE :slight_smile: Thanks ya’ll!

This may be my bias talking (see avatar/profile) but from watching Josh Allen on a weekly basis and watching him develop more and more, his floor has never looked safer to me. And last week he proved he can get it done with his arm when he can’t run (only 16 rushing yards last week). Against an o.k. NE defense, I’d go with him.

That, and the Bears are AT the Vikings, who give up the 2nd least points to QB’s in the league (11.8).

For D/ST, I’d go Miami, against a not-so-good Jax offense, the game itself should be pretty low scoring, so pretty safe.

As far as the WR troubles, I don’t have the answer for ya :sweat_smile:
Good luck!! :grin:

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These are some tough questions. As Cory stated, Allen is playing better lately. However, he makes me nervous this week as the Patriots take away your best weapon, which for Buffalo is super obviously Josh Allen’s legs. If they focus on taking that away I don’t want to play the 50% passer who got by last week due to rushing touchdown. I would lean Trubisky. The bears are not at the vikings until week 17, they play San Fran which is a decent to above average matchup. If you want to stay in Allen flames I don’t blame you. DST agree with Cory. As for wr Pettis is playing well so I wouldn’t fault you at all for playing him. Personally though i really like Lockett this week. The Chiefs defense is bad and gives up a ton of big plays. And the Seahawks will actually need to score for once. Sets up well for Lockett deep ball.


Great advice guys!! Thanks for yall’s help!! I’ll probably stick with Lockett. I’m going to have to dwell on the whole Trubisky/Allen dilemma a little more…

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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BTW, the bears are playing SF this week, not MIN. That is week 17.

My plan has failed :eyes::eyes:
haha that’s my bad!