HALP! Gronk+D.Watson FOR K.Allen+Ertz

Need a QB… I was offered D. Watson and Gronk for K. Allen and Ertz… I love Ertz, but I also have Cameron Brate. PPR, 12 teams… thanks!

I would not accept that. Allen is a great WR and is consistent, and Ertz is the 2nd best TE. To me its not worth it mainly because of the health issues with Gronk and the fact that watson has to come down to earth at some point. Streaming QB can be tedious but is worth it to keep depth and a solid roster.

Was basically just typing the same thing. Allen and Ertz are target monsters and super consistent. Gronk has already missed a game, and even though he has super friendly matchup this week, it’s not probable Watson stays this hot.

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I am honestly of the opinion that you never NEED a QB but would just prefer to have one you can start week in and week out. So I would never trade a WR1 or RB1 for a QB just me

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