HALP Keeper Question

Sorry convoluted.

I don’t have my 2nd and 6th round picks due to a trade. I have the 8th overall pick

PPR pick 1 offense and 1 defense keeper
Keeper options:
Deandre Hopkins 4th round
Dalvin cook 3rd round
Jerrick Mckinnon 20th round
Or i have the option of either Lev Bell or David Johnson in the 1st round…

Defensive keeper:
Myles Garret 18th round

Thanks for your help!

Assuming you have no other RBs, I’d honestly have to go Cook. With no 2nd, you’ll have an easier time replacing WRs in the later rounds than you will RBs.

So why not jerrick in the last round and use my first on a stud RB and start WR’s at round 3?


Bell won’t fall to 8, take bell

Hard to not keep Bell or Johnson, but the value of McKinnon in the 20th is insane value. I think from a player POV, you would take Bell or Johnson (likely Bell), but from a value POV it is McKinnon without question. The other two you are getting at their ADP.

Do you know what top players will be available in the 1st? That is, if many owners are going to keep players in the first, what are the odds of you still drafting a solid RB in the first if they keep their players? Does that make sense?

I agree you can lay into WR later on (3rd/4th) and you will be fine starting there.

Alright so how I see it is view it like a trade. First you need to look at and try to figure out who is keeping who, so you can take a look at who might be in the first round, and who might be in the first round at the 8th pick. Then attach names to the trade so you can look at it more clearly.

For example, would you rather have Lev Bell and a 20th round pick OR Keenan Allen (purely and example of who MIGHT be there) and Jerrick McKinnon?

Or would you rather have Lev Bell and a 4th round pick or Hopkins and Devonta Freeman (again, just an example of who MIGHT be there)

Once you start attaching names to these rounds, it makes it easier to start eliminating options.

Personally, I LOVE the value of McKinnon and believe you can still build a very solid roster with him. I mean, especially since this is a 1 offensive keeper league man, your draft will still be loaded with good players. That’s just me though dude, attach names to draft picks so you can make your own decision! Good luck man.