Halp with trade

I was offered Keenan Allen straight up for TyMont.
Half PPR…
My RBs: Hunt, TyMont, Howard, Martin, Gillislee, D.Henry
My WRs: Jordy, D.Thomas, Pryor, Jaron Brown

As you can see, I’m not very Deep at WR (injuries etc) and I don’t have much confidence in anyone behind Jordy so I’ve been wanting to acquire a new WR somehow… I think it’s a fair trade but I don’t really want to give up TyMont without getting a playable RB in return because I don’t want to see the week where I’m forced to start D.Henry or Gillislee (at least right now)… so I told him I want to 2 for 2 so I get T.Coleman in return… I’m trying to push for TyMont/Pryor for Allen/Coleman… I like my side of that trade but idk if he’d take it… any opinions on what I should do if he refuses? Should I just take the 1 for 1 or would you go as far as offering TyMont/DT for Allen/Coleman?

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I like the 1 for 1,

You have howard and Martin.
Marin already had his bye so you don’t have to worry about that. If you really want another RB then I would say your first offer (Ty/Pryor- Allen/Cole) is a better option for you.

My opinion.

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Take it it’s good

What’s good? the 1 for 1? or try for the 2 for 2?

allen for Ty