Handcuff Apporach

12 team, standard scoring league, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DST, 6BN.

I wanted to get some takes on handcuff approaches in the draft, obviously being standard scoring the RBs fly off the board early and i’m more than happy to go 3 or 4 straight RBs depending on what WRs vs RBs i’m seeing in rounds 3 and 4. With that being said drafting handcuffs isn’t something i do a lot so wanted some advice and views on this.

If you draft players like Ajayi, Collins, D. Freeman etc when Clement, Dixon, Coleman are in the mix later would you prioritise one of them to ‘lock up’ the backfield or get a flex in their own right with upside (Coleman/Clement)?

Or would you focus on other peoples handcuffs, like a Breida in the later rounds as i’m not a McKinnon believer at all he’s become a target of mine? Or pass on some of those primary guys for better value over say an Ajayi/Collins/McKinnon and look to target the Clement/Dixon/Breida types later on?

Any takes appreciated, and any other backfield combos or approaches you like for their value and upside would be good to hear.

I think it probably depends mostly on your roster comp. or personal preference. I’ve done a bunch of mocks where Collins/Dixon are easily attainable, but I haven’t left any of those drafts feeling good about rostering Dixon (more because I don’t feel good about the Ravens run game if Collins goes down - same goes for Lynch/Martin in Oakland). I’d rather lean towards guys with standalone flex value like Coleman/Clement or guys who. One exception I really like this season is the cuff of CMC/CJ Anderson in Carolina. I think CJ is being undervalued and if anything happens to CMC I think he’d be a fringe RB1.

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I try to snag a couple of handcuffs for my 2 best players. Outside of that I tend not to worry about it. Last year, so many players were going down at some point almost everyone had a chance to hit paydirt on the waiver wire.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Glad to hear some views similar to me and i agree with both opinions, i do like the upside of guys like Clement later in drafts if i can get him, Coleman does tend to be too expensive to suit my roster construction i’m usually looking for WRs when he tends to go. I agree with @EconoTeam though on CJ i am taking him a lot in drafts really late still as my last or second to last RB and think he could not only get real touches early but as you say if CMC goes down he’ll be a solid starting option…or if i don’t own CMC and have depth will be great trade bait