Handcuff at RB , Need to trade some off

So i have a bunch of RB on my team that I’m handcuffed on

QB Luck, Trubisky
RB - Kamara, Ingram , Freeman, Lindsay, Breida, Mack
WR - JUJU, Green , Watkins, Coutee
TE McDonald

should i package 2 of my RB to get an elite RB ? Say Barkley for Lindsey and Ingram ? is that too much ?
Or should i go after WR or TE? I might be able to get boyd or Sanders for one of my RB

I don’t think that’s to get Barkley honestly.

I’m a huge proponent of rb’s. I would keep them if you could. Perhaps sell high on Breida? That backfield could change, Morris might be getting phased out. But it looks like they have 3 decent back there. Breida also looks like he gets hurt on every play, haha. Breida and McDonald for a more consistent TE? Just throwing that out there, you can probably get a good one in return,

I drafted Mack and kept him all year, he didn’t get to play with Luck last season. I’m really excited to see what he can do. If you can fit Kamara, Ingram, and Mack into your lineup each week thats a nice group of backs.

Breida seems pretty popular this year, so plenty of people will tell you to keep him. He’s doing pretty well too. I just don’t like players that seems to rack up injuries, he seems like that type to me.