Handcuff Baldwin?

Given his presser on his knee not being right all year, I still haven’t heard what the actual issue is? Lockett, Jaron Brown, Darboh, Marshall all on waivers is it worth grabbing one or trust Baldwin’s iron man reputation and deal with it if he actually gets hurt in season?

12 Team standard redraft, other WRs Gordon, Robinson, Davis, Stills

It’s possible that lockett is worth more than stills even if Baldwin is healthy. He’s going to get a large target share this year. I’d drop stills and pickup lockett.

I would definitely not drop Stills for Lockette, but Lockette is a worthy add if you have other players you can drop.

Have to agree here, Stills over Lockett. I was looking at Lockett and Mike Williams in another thread but outside of Stills i have RBs Gordon, Fournette, Henry, Clement, Coleman and Kerryon so i don’t really have anyone i’d drop for the pick up.

If i can package Coleman and maybe Reed for an upgrade/safer TE then make space to pick one up i’ll do that

No way I’d drop Stills for Lockett. Stills was a top 30 WR with Landry still in the roster and Cutler at QB. That should be his floor this year.

What’s your realistic ceiling for Stills this year - low end WR2 with some boom weeks in there when he gets a long TD catch mixed in? Also as a view point if Gordon or Baldwin (or dare i say both) are not good to go week 1 for whatever reason who do you start out of Allen Robinson, Stills and Corey Davis?

I could see him in the top 20. As for injury fill ins, I’d imagine Robinson would be my choice most weeks, but it would come down to matchup, and how each player had looked to date. Probably ARob week 1.

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Appreciate the advice, here’s hoping Stills is top 20 !

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