Handcuff for Gordon or Hunt? (.5ppr)

I have Coleman, Murray, and Duke Johnson on my bench. Should I already own Ekeler or Ware just in case? .5ppr

I would say Ekler for sure. He is going to get play even with Gordon healthy

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No lol. Don’t handcuff this early in the season, it’s dumb.

Ekler isn’t worth anything. Not worth rostering, waste of space. If Gordon goes down, he can’t even take over the duties. He’s not a handcuff, he’s a glorified scat back.

No. Murray is a higher use handcuff than the others without an injury. He can get goal line work and extra carries in positive game scripts with the defense in Mini able to have large leads to play with. You also have Cook being a higher injury risk. Stay pat for now unless Conner is still on the waiver. Then go with him.