Handcuff Gurley?

I’m 8-1 and have Gurley. Have Sutton, J Howard, Crowell, John Ross, D Jax, Corey Davis on my bench. Usually against handcuffs but you think it’s worth picking up Malcolm Brown?

Who is your other starting running back?

I’ve got Gurley, Sony, Jordan Howard, Crowell

I think Malcolm Brown is better than Sony, Howard and Crowell. Especially behind the Rams offensive line and due to the fact that they favor the bell cow. If you can find room for Malcolm Brown you’d be ensuring you’re number one RB spot.

Rofl. You cannot be serious. Sony is an RB1. You think a handcuff is better than an RB1? That is a joke.

I’m a gurley owner, I’m not stashing handcuffs yet. Probably grab it starting next week. And i’m not really sure if Brown is the right handcuff. I’m personally probably grabbing John Kelly.


Malcolm def the handcuff here but yea michel is nuts stop that loll

Hahahaha! Sweet heart I wasnt saying Malcom Brown was better than Sony Michelle in there curent compasity. And I didnt say Sony wasnt a RB1, im assuming Sony is being started in the addintional RB spot witch is why he wasnt mentioned in the original post. Read the question next time. As a handcuff Brown would be insuring your best running back (RB1 spot), ie Todd Gurleys spot, would be locked into a bell cow position behind the Rams O line in a position to out proform all back up running backs. Unless your saying Sony is better than Gurley!? LOL. And yes Malcome Brown is Gurleys handcuff. Next time read the question before you respond.

Are you saying that Malcolm brown is as good as gurley? As in if gurley goes down, you think this guy is going to just truck along like np and score 2 TDs and 100 yards a game? If that’s actually what you think, then sure. And I did read the question. The owner is asking if he should handcuff gurley now by picking up brown, thereby implying he would need to drop one of the players. In response to that, you said he is better than Sony, Howard and Crowell.

Did you ever stop to think that the main reason why the rams use a bell cow back is because they have gurley and not the other way around? Gurley is a stud and he can be used in all phases of the game. What part of you thinks that Brown is anywhere near that level? Even if Gurley goes down, I’d still rather have Michel. Patriots are just as good as of an offense and Michel was getting 20+ touches a game and got all of the goal line carries and we’ve seen him in the lead back role. Have you seen Brown in a lead RB role ever? Just taking a random UDFA who is by all means an average athlete who has never carried the ball more than 15 times in his entire career or proven his ability to lead a backfield and assuming he’ll just automatically walk into gurley role and fill it is naive. If Gurley goes down, they’re going to put in a committee and let John Kelley play some snaps to see what they have in the rookie.

Maybe instead of coming on here and calling me a sweet heart and accusing me of not reading the question properly, you could spend sometime and think through what you post and back it up with some analysis cause the that’s some of the laziest shit I’ve ever read.

At no point did I say Sony is better than Gurley. I said Sony is better than Brown, and I’ll stand by that even if Gurley goes down. You’re actually that one that didn’t do anything to answer the question. What good is telling the host Brown is better than Sony if Gurley goes down if you don’t actually tell him who to drop to acquire brown? Your original response insinuates that it would be okay to drop Howard, sony and crowell to acquire Malcolm brown right now. Most people would interpret it that way which is what the other guy above assumed as well.

Try articulating your thoughts better. Also its hilarious that it took you like an hour to draft what you said above. Yeah I saw you sitting there typing and deleting and typing and deleting. Would’ve thought that after spending sometime, you’d be able to actually articulate something that actually made any sense. Clearly not. Just had to resort to blurting more absurd stuff I didn’t actually say. What a joke.

EDIT: Oh and let’s not forget that maybe, JUST MAYBE, if gurley goes down, McVay being the offensive genius that he is will make some adjustments and lean on their elite QB in Goff and 3 top 20 WRs to make some plays. Or I guess you know, maybe you’re right, McVay just makes no adjustments and sends Brown in there as if he was a top 10 pick and best RB in the league and pretend like nothing has changed. Guess I’ll leave it to you to judge but yeah your right, the latter scenario seems much more reasonable.

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