Handcuff strategy ROS

I sadly have accepted defeat this season and am now just trying to block as many handcuffs as i can. Who do i need to be picking up?

Ware, brown, kelly, the giants back up

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I did the same thing in one of my leagues. Grabbed Spencer Ware and Malcolm Brown

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Y’all savages lol

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Might as well add Jaylen Samuels, Rod Smith, and Gio Bernard too.

Ware, Smith, Brown.

Don’t bother with Gallman. He can’t do close to what Barkley can

Cowboys w/o zeke won’t do anything. Smith is equivalent to gallman

Smith has flashed on the field. He’s way better than Gallman. Cowboys will still suck without Zeke, but when Zeke missed last year he had a game with over 150 scrimmage yards and touchdowns in 4 straight games. He also had 3+ receptions in four of those games. Very ‘flex-able’ guy.

You could be right. I’m a little biased against owning anything in cowboys but Giants aren’t better.

Cowboys line even banged up is still good. Smith was nowhere close to Zeke so don’t pretend I am saying that but he’s not bad. Bo Scarborough could put up numbers if given the chance too if he is still on their squad/practice squad.

Cowboys line is no joke. I’ve always thought zeke is a bit overrated cause of their talent (particularly during his rookie year). Scarborough scarred me in college. He destroyed my college team in CFP

Possibly C.J. Anderson as well.

He just got cut today. Cameron Artis-Payne is backup now. Speculative add to see if he catches on somewhere that needs a RB maybe?