Handcuff Trade?

I am the Chubb owner. A guy in our league drafted K. Hunt. Should I try to trade to get Hunt now before he returns? Will there be a big timeshare? Or just nice to have in case of injury? Would love your input. Thanks!

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I was in same situation and traded Tevin Coleman/ Agholor for Marquise brown and Hunt…my thinking was to upgrade my flex ROS and get Hunt as a throw in which worked

If Chubb is playing this well all season, I’d be surprised if Hunt got a lot of targets right away. Personally I think Hunt won’t relevant until week 12 at best. not sure you want to give away players you can use now for someone who might not even get a lot of usage. Depends who your other RBs are too. If Hunt suddenly takes over in week 14, but you have RB depth, you probably won’t need to worry if you have to sit Chubb the last few weeks.

My other backs are CMC and Bell. Only have to start one RB and then have 2 flex spots.

Thanks for the input!