Handcuff your TE?

Maybe not as general a question as the title suggests, but I have been thinking recently: if you draft Zach Ertz in the early rounds, does it make sense to handcuff him with Dallas G at the end of the draft. Not something I usually consider at this position, but he showed us he can put up points last year, and he really does seem to fit the classic handcuff role as well as any RB at this point.

I would not consider drafting Goedert anymore or less with Ertz on my roster.

Specifically with the Eagles there are a lot of offensive weapons. If Ertz were to miss time, the targets would be spread around.

That’s not to say Goedert is not worth drafting. I think he could have independent value.

Only time I would consider doing this would be in dynasty league…1 TE spot redraft I wouldn’t even draft 2 TE .

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Not a fan of having 2 TEs, but definitely not a fan of handcuffing. Now in your example, Goedert could actually be a factor in the offense even with Ertz. Probably not enough to actually play him, but there could be some weeks where he scores and becomes valuable. That said I’m not on board with losing a roster spot all season just in the event that my TE goes down. Bench spots are too valuable. I’d rather grab someone like Mark Andrews who could end up being a top TE where I could flex one of them if they were both just going off, knowing that if Andrews is a dud he’s easily cut.