Handcuffing Michel with Burkhead - who to drop?

So I want to get Burkhead on my roster as a handcuff, problem is, I dont know who to drop.

My RB’s are Gurley, Michel, Jones, Gus, Kerryon and Adams. The two I am debating between are Kerryon and Adams. Adams doesnt seem to have any great matchups coming and is in a committee. My reasoning with Kerryon is this is a re-draft and with the Lions having a sub-optimal record, I wonder if they even bother bringing him back.

Man that is tough, this pains me but i’d say Kerryon. I don’t think they bring him back and if they do he gets Bills on the road and then Vikings to close. I’d rather not have to worry about that even if he does come back you wont start him over Gurley, Jones and Michel/Burkhead.

Bills are actually 31st against the RB in the last 6 weeks. If it came down to it, I would actually play Kerryon over Burkhead if Michel was out.

It’s more the weather risk that i would be worried about with the Bills game on the road plus as he is inured and they have no need to rush him back, if Blount has a decent game this week which is possible then i wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him get the bulk of carries and Kerryon on a pitch count or not in at all to protect him for next year.

Tricky choice though I agree

Yeah, I made the tough choice and went with Kerryon. It just doesnt seem logical for them to rush him back. Especially since he hasnt even practiced the past 2 weeks.

At the end of the day as you say he shouldn’t be rushed back and really in week 16 he wont be winning you or anyone else a championship so i don’t mind the move.