Hangover Monday players?

When three players on your bench out score your entire starting roster … sat TY hilton and Tyrod Taylor for Alex smith and aj green, only considered benching green because of sacksonville, should have just done it :confused: … anyone else felling the blues today?


Yeah i’m right there with you… I had Mike Evans when I could have played Shepard or Funchess from my bench and I would be leading my matchup right now. Also i didn’t see the fournette alert until after the game started so…


Avoided a major hangover (mccoy and martin combining for a whopping hot 2 points) thanks to t y hilton. I owe that man so, so much love.


Had Doug Martin, Mike Evans, ASJ, and Murray combine for a whopping 11 points. But the guys stream of the week on Goff, Kamara, and the NO defense got me the win. They scored 90% of my points lol.

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sitting Alshon against Denver in favor of Drake. Those 10 extra points would have me needing 1 point tonight from Abdullah, instead of 10.

Sat Goff and Watkins for Alex Smith and C. Davis. To be fair Smith was decent but Goff was fire. Watkins was lucky and i’ll probably be dropping him this week actually but sucks to have that many points on your bench.

Yeah i’m in a similar boat tonight… I’m down by 7. I have Tate and M Jones (Det) going while my opponent has A Jones (GB).