Happy With My Draft But Still Concerned w/ QB...Thoughts?

12 team ppr league w/ 4 pt passing tds that has live drafted for nearly a decade.

Most of he guys carry two QBs ‘just in case’ and I got shut out by a pick or two of getting who I really wanted (Ryan or Wentz) when the run for backups started earlier than I anticipated. I punted picking a QB that round at that time and came back later and picked up…

Josh Allen
Jameis Winston
Sam Darnold

towards the end of the draft. I don’t feel horrible about this but it’s a step back. I also didn’t draft a kicker or defense since we are drafting with preseason action left so I will probably have to cut at least one of these.

Noone of note is really left out there on the wire. Nick Foles & Jacoby Brissett are there but everyone else is pretty suspect.

Rest of Roster -

James Conner
Nick Chubb
Sony Michel
Matt Breida
Darwin Thompson
Alexander Mattison

Stefon Diggs
Josh Gordon
Dede Westbrook
DeSean Jackson
Adam Humphries

Travis Kelce
Darren Waller

Punted Kicker and Defense until I look at mach ups.

Who would you cut?

I wouldn’t be concerned with any of those. Josh Allen has great upside. Darnold might be a sneaky start in a better offense. Winston is going to chuck the ball continuously! They all have their ups and downs but if you’re looking for floor I’d go Winston and then Allen to play the matchup with upside. Darnold does look good this year as a potential safe bet.

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Has to be waller

Yeah but still need to cut one more or make a 2 for 1 trade