Hard decisions: You won’t believe #5

Folks, I need input. My League : Standard. Playoffs run from weeks 14-17 (yes I know, week 17 sucks).

My team:

Wentz, Mariota
L Bell, Ingram, D Martin, A Collins, D Henry
J Jones, Thielen, D Parker, C Davis
Ertz, Kroft
Jags, Ravens

Thinking of trading Thielen and Ravens D for Crabtree. Worth the upgrade? One other possible WR upgrade would be Michael Thomas.

I would rather have Thomas for sure. Theilen to Crab isn’t a huge jump, but Thomas is a larger jump for sure. I personally would try to move Ingram as he isn’t the picture of health in his career, plus I think Kamara is just flat better.

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Thanks for your input! I hear you. I like Crabtree bc, aside from last night, if he plays a full game, he’s a good bet to have 8+ pts. Thielen is very good but he’s had 4 games w 9+ pts and 4 games w 3-4 pts, so he’s a little more variable.

Thomas’s season hasn’t been fantastic at least in standard scoring - not bad, but not as good as Crabtree.

Crabtree’s schedule ROS is fantastic too w DEN being the only tough one. Thomas’s schedule is tough going from weeks 10-13, then lightens up during the playoffs.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts though I don’t know if I want to pull the trigger yet.

Oh, and Thielen’s schedule ROS is very tough.