Hard Start / Sit question

So I know most people are going to say the popular name but I was wondering if it is the name or the right decision. For my flex I was wondering if I should start Gore who is going against the #11 ranked run protection or Kroft who is going against #22 ranked TE protection?

I have a feeling I should start Kroft but I am stuck on the name and past of Gore. Please really thoughtful advice would be greatly appreciated.

.5 PPR

Bumped for thoughts.

If we are eliminating all other possible streams for your flex… I would have to say Kroft. I feel as if Kroft has more upside with their match up and the possibility of points being scored compared to the colts who will play from behind? and Gore seems to be slowly losing his job anyways. Idk that is tough. My gut says Kroft though if that helps at all. Good luck

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That is what mine is saying also but wanted to make sure i wasnt crazy if i strted kroft over gore.

But my options for flex are: D. Jackson, J. Smith-Schuster, Gore, Kroft

You wouldn’t want to go Jackson or even Juju if Bryant is out over Gore and Kroft? I think I would go Jackson even with a somewhat tough match up. Carolina has a good run D so that could force Winston to have to throw with Martin getting nothing going on the ground.

So Jackson, that makes sense. I dont know what i was thinking.

Yes, I personally would start Jackson in your situation.

of those choices I would go with D Jackson. He is more involved in the offense and has huge upside. Kroft isn’t a bad choice since he is playing a weak opponent but he is really TD dependent - he doesn’t get a lot of targets but Dalton will look to him in the end zone…if he doesn’t score he could end up with 3 rec, 20 yards - something like that. Gore may be my last choice - carries keep going down and losing playing time to M Mack.

I have DJax and Evans and Evans always gets the harder matchup in the secondary. Sometimes that really benefits DJax as he’s open much more. And it seems to me TB is using DJax as more than just a deep threat, having run some slants and medium depth routes where he can do some catch and run. Go with DJax.