Hardest Fantasy Decision of my life

Got a pretty crucial decision to make this week, wouldn’t mind some Footclan assistance to help me not make the wrong one.

Have to decide between 4 Running backs, I only need to sit one.

Standard scoring:

Semaje Perine v LAC

Alfrid Morris v NYG

Kenyan Drake v NE

Rex Burkhead v MIA

I am currently thinking of leaving Morris out this week, but still so unsure if thats the right call.

Thanks for the help

Myself personally you’re not really making a bad decision I think you have a good problem on your hands thus making it probably not the hardest decision you have ever made. However I would probably make the decision on if you are expected to win or expected to lose. If you’re gonna win go Morris, I like his floor and the goaline touches and the pourous Giants D. Of you’re projected to lose and need upside maybe drake, since he does have some big play ability. Don’t underestimate the pats D getting things figured out recently, still hate em tho. I do like the fact no matter what you have an RB monday night in Burkhead as a desperation play if you’re losing. However I rank as follows 1. Burk 2. Perine (close between those 2) 3. Morris 4. Drake. Hope this helps and you take a W this week, just my opinion but I fortunately am on a bye this week. My problem is next week trying to figure out if I should keep Kareem Hunt in my lineup at RB or Flex and if I should play Alshon or mike Evans at WR2. I have Morris and dion Lewis on my bench so I feel your pain. Just tricky decisions year round honestly

Sit Perine.

ahaha definitely a good problem to have and quite the exaggeration in the title, but hey, it got your attention.

Appreciate your points here tho for sure going to factor into my final decision, so thank you.

As for your issue, its obviously gonna be something to decide after they all play this week, so have an outrageous title with a post on tuesday and ill give my thoughts

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Love it dude and you make some valid points with the title hahah. Best of luck to you and yours my man!!

bumping for some more opinions

i might leave drake out, NE be tough lately…