Hardman or Robinson

I have both Chief WRs on a few teams and looking for the better play of the two. I need a boom chance in both matchups this week. Underdog in both cases.

How are people leaning on which one is more likely to have a big game this week with Detroit? Almost a coin flip but wanted some other opinions.

Both lol I would not be surprised if they both had 1 if not 2 TDs a piece

Can you play both? Look at them as a package where if you start both you’ll see 25+ points (in non-PPR leagues they’ve combined for 35/wk over the last 2).

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I know this is the NFL so I don’t wanna hear it, but last time Mahomes played in a dome he threw for 734 yards. This is his first NFL indoor game so I don’t know man- I think they’re probably both playable.

In one league probably could
start both. Lockett’s my one, have Fitz as the 2 and then Hardman as the flex.

Think I should go Robinson instead of Fitz and go for big upside. I can live with that.

I have Hill and AB on this team so my WRs are weaker.