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Harry Potter Leagues 2018


Started a new league with 9 positions left open! Send me an email at fantasyfootballathogwarts@gmail.com to join up!


I would be interested. Email sent


I’ll go on the record and say that these are really well run leagues. I put just as much effort into this league as I do my hometown one that has been going 10+ years, because it is a very fun experience.


i sent you an email a little over a week ago expressing interest. are there still spots open?


4 spots left for the 2018 season!


I’m interested acclayton@gmail.com


Interested! Email is brandonjohnoconnor@gmail.com.


Sounds fun, cveale17@gmail.com


I’m interested as well! email is canadiantexan92@gmail.com


any spots still up for grabs?


Very interested! Jklinke51@yahoo.com


This sounds too great to still have spots open, but are there any left by chance?