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Has anyone used MFL.com?


I’m reading about the salaries and awesome customization options Myfantasyleague offers, has any of you played on it? I’m thinking about transferring all my IDP keeper leagues to the MFL just because of all the dynasty options.


MFL is pretty awesome because of all the customization options and the long draft options for leagues where it’s required. Only downside is that you do have to pay to host your leagues on their site. Other than that, it’s a great fantasy tool! Another option you should look into is Fantrax if you’re going the MFL route.


How much will you have to pay? All I see is free trial, nothing about the price lol


For MFL or Fantrax?


Mfl.com…im actually googling both right now. I’m glad you suggested Fantrax. Great stuff they have.


I know a lot of people like MFL but in the 2 leagues I have played on there, I just didn’t like it. To me it is not user friendly and is hard to navigate. Doesn’t have the search and ranking options other sites do. I do like Fantrax a lot as a player. Has great options for searching for rankings by almost anything. As a commish, it is hard to set up. Difficult to understand what it takes to set up some of the things you may want. Have had good and bad experiences with using their assistance although probably more good. Some options are only available if you pay. Once you get it set up, it is my favorite site to use as a fantasy owner.


Great stuff man. Appreciate it


Fantrax is brutal for user. Have a new baseball league there and it is terrible.
The customization of MFL is unbelievable. You can do so many amazing things off the website and for that its one of my favorites.
As far as user friendly you cant beat ESPN though.


I’m reading though the apps are not up too par. But I’m definitely going to move all my leagues to one or the other. The customization options for dynasty are amazing! I’ll decide by August which one to roll with.