Has anyone used Sleeper for their Fantasy Leagues?

Our money league may be changing from Yahoo to Sleeper, does the scoring, waivers etc work on it correctly? Any glitches or errors?

I’m the commissioner and I’m just trying to look out for my league mates, to get some feedback from you if you can, please.

Thank you in advance!

Why are you thinking of switching? I’m dismayed that so many leagues are starting up using Sleeper. Not only do I not see the advantage over Yahoo, I find that Yahoo is still superior. I have used an iPad to follow my matches on the weekend. Sleeper doesn’t have an iPad or tablet app and the iPhone app doesn’t have a landscape view. I might pick Sleeper over ESPN because ESPN has kept the same obscure interface for years while Sleeper continues to improve, but I wouldn’t pick Sleeper over Yahoo.

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My guidance would be - don’t switch for switching sake. Both Yahoo and Sleeper are free platforms. There should be functionality or options/settings that you gain to cause the switch.

Yahoo is good. But Sleeper is better for Dynasty/keeper leagues and has better mobile functionality. Their platform is mobile based and I will agree that they need a better iPad app but the formats are better as far as drafting and layout. Yahoo can lock up with ads sometimes as well.

I agree, do not switch just to switch. If you have a dynasty or keeper league Sleeper is better as it does not shut down in the off season and you can continue trades and other league discussions. Yahoo may catch on at some point.

All-in-all, I lean Sleeper as I find the overall functionality of higher quality. I do have one league still in Yahoo and have no intention of trying to push it to another platform as it is purely redraft.

Hope this mud is clear…lol :smile: