Has Mike Williams Arrived?

I am kinda wanting to sell Zeke and I want to upgrade him to Chubb. I have the red hot Tyler Lockett and I think Id want Mike Williams in return. He has gotten 10+ targets both game and I think has a chance to be very consistent this season. I also think Tyler Lockett is going to crash to earth soon and is going to show his Jekyll and Hyde scores. Am I paying too much attention to 2 weeks of stats or is this actually a sign to a breakout season for Mike Williams?

To summarize: trade would be me giving Zeke and Lockett for Chubb and Williams

My RB: Zeke, JTT, Tyson Williams, Michael Carter, Tony Pollard
My WR: Lockett, Cooper, Diontae, Sutton, Rondale Moore

It really comes down to which do you think will get hurt first. Williams has such a history, but if he stays healthy it is a good trade.

Do you think upgrading from Zeke to Chubb would be worth that risk? What if I started initial offer at Jonathan Taylor and Lockett for Chubb and Williams?

ROS ECR actually has Zeke ahead of Chubb in PPR and Half-PPR. Not sure I agree with that but it is the consensus right now. For WR it is basically Lockett WR13 and Williams WR27. So, no probably not a good trade right now.