Has the ship sailed on these guys?

Carlos Hyde - Seems like just a stash until LF comes back and proves it.

Doug Baldwin - Back down to a few targets, just missed a td catch

Geronimo Allison - Split snaps even with MVS and only 1 target. More him still coming back from injury, bad matchup, or is his playing time in trouble?

Hyde - I have no faith in anymore this season
Baldwin - Going to be a hit/miss all season. Would try to sell on the name for an up-and-comer… (Golladay or Sutton with the potential of Tate or Thomas being traded?)
Allison - Sincerely hope it was more of him coming back from injury given a just traded for him two weeks ago… we shall see haha

I can make a play this week on guys like Coutee, Larry F, Sutton.

I agree with these pretty much. Done with Hyde. Baldwin will have some nice games but with run first team will be hard to trust, more of a flex at this point. Allison has potential still. But I am scared it will be a rotation of receivers each game behind Adams with so many guys there having flashed.