Hate loosing, help me if you can

So I’m going to be 2-3 and need some help here

Team is below
This guy In my league is trying to get Carson from me wondering what I should try and packing/ get from him

My team

His team

my thoughts…youd have to get another rb bc Coleman and Singletary are still questionable, you’ve got plenty of WR, id include one of them and maybe try for Mack and Chark…check your bye weeks and make sure you aren’t going to shoot yourself in the foot and have your key players out on the same week.

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Provided he’s got his fumbles under control, Carson looks too good to let go. Especially to that guy. His roster looks deep enough that anyone he’d lose in a trade would be off set by getting Carson. Mack looked great last night. But he doesn’t have Russel Wilson to take pressure off the running game. And the Chiefs defense is obviously exploitable. Plus Mack doesn’t seem to be involved in the passing game at all. He was off the field alot. He wants Carson. You didn’t offer. Make him pay. As the previous comment mentioned, check bye weeks. Formulate a strategy. See if anyone would make you a better offer.