Hate to ask but we need someone. Orphaned 12 man dynasty team

SO, I really hate to ask but my friend and I are looking for someone to take over an orphaned dynasty team. Unfortunately, this team is more rebuild than compete now, and the rookie draft has already happened. Here is the background:

We actually had this issue earlier in the summer, and someone filled the spot. Got really friendly with everyone, made tons of trades, drafted, and really did do a good job of putting together a good team for the future. Then 2 days ago he left the league and ghosted.

We are looking for someone to take over when he left off.

About this team:
Trevor Lawrence at QB
Eason and fields on the bench

James Conner and James White are really the only startable backs

Andrews and Geodert at TE

Recievers are young and strong: Devonta Smith, Waddle, Nico Collins, gallup, MVS, Pittman, gabe davis, and thielen. Also Michael Thomas is on IR

I know that we not putting anyone in the best position to succeed, but hopefully someone wants the challenge. If you are interested please contact me on sleeper: Eman920

Hope to find someone!