Have 4 RBs, need to pick 1 (Standard League)

I’m in a real tight spot here, with RB being one of my biggest weaknesses all season. Playoffs on the line, I most likely need to win this week to make it. For my RB2 slot in a STANDARD league, should I pick:

Derrick Henry (@ IND)

Frank Gore (vs. TEN)

Danny Woodhead (vs. HOU)

Doug Martin (@ ATL)

ps I have D. Murray in my RB1 slot. Appreciate any help/advice!

None are stand out choices but woodhead is the best of the lot even though it is standard. Henry is a decent choice but never know how much work he grts

Yeah same Woodhead. Gore has a bad matchupo and they’ll be playing from behind, Martin’s lost his appeal to me, and DMurray will still have the workload over Henry. and even if Baltimore is down, Woodhead can catch!