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Have a bet with my friend this year and don't want to lose


First of all, I love the ballers. I am happy to have signed up to join the clan. I recently moved to AZ for work from Vegas and have been playing fantasy football now for 7 years. Long story short, I’ve never won the league before and my best friend just won last year.

We have a bet that I’m going to finish in a higher place than him this year. The loser will have to wear a sign made by the winner and stand at a busy intersection for an hour. I’m looking for funny suggestions to put on his sign for when I win it all this year!


Make a sandwhich board for the hot new restaurant “Smash Jackson’s”


do you want to ruin this friendship, or just raz the guy a bit? because brother, i have ideas. just… a lot of them are not… pleasant… lol


I would write ‘I suck at Fantasy Football’ or something like that. Suggest you read ‘Fantasy Life’ by Matthew Berry to get a bunch of ideas on these sorts of things. Hope you are successful!! Remember, what goes around comes around!


Yea dude, we’re really good friends but we destroy each other pretty often.
Any ideas you have would be great!