Have a couple different trade scenarios

Deshaun Watson, Devante Adams, and Sony Michel for Alvin Kamara and Joe Mixon?

Would you do the same trade above if you were getting Melvin Gordon and Joe Mixon in return?

Do you think that you could offer Devante Adams and Deshaun Watson and get Gordon and Mixon?

Thoughts? Thanks #Footclan

If the other person is dumb enough to go for it. Absolutely

Not even Watson, Adams and Michel for Gordon and Mixon

Im just sayin. Adams i know you drafted high. You’d waste that

Yeah I drafted him in the 2nd round. My other Qb is Lamar and I’m comfortable riding him ROS. My backs are elliot, Carson and Michel. Where as my wr’s are Adams, Kirk, Mclaurin, Djax, Westbrook, Gallup, Metcalf and Hardman

Currently 0-3 catching bad breaks